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Сообщение I WILL BRING YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT TSKHINVALI  |    Добавлено: Вт Сен 23, 2008 8:41 pm
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Today we mark 40 days since the tragedy in South Ossetia - the day of
commemoration of all the victims of genocide in this country. We are young people, just like you, and we cannot keep silent when we hear the lies and clumsy justifications in the media concerning the mayhem committed by the Saakashvili soldiers on the territory of another state.

We appeal to the youth of our age, to students and young professionals, who live in the countries proudly belonging to the European Union. We would like to convey to you the truth about the war, which you must have seen only on the TV screens. We want you to hear our voices through the anti-Russian hysteria waged deplorably by a number of western media. The voices of the witnesses of war. The voices of those who were in Tskhinvali those days. The voices of the people who tell you the truth. The truth about what has happened.
In the night of August 8 the Georgian forces conducted a backstabbing invasion on the territory of South Ossetia. Despite the previous agreements, despite the celebrations of the first day of the Olympics, Georgia did not only attack the quarters of the Russian peacekeepers deployed in South Ossetia, but also launched an outrageous offensive against the civilians - common citizens of the small nation in the South Caucasus. The Georgian troops razed to the ground the city of Tskhinvali and swept through Ossetia without mercy to civilians - be it women, children or seniors. They were laughing when their tanks crossed over dead bodies. They used their mobile phones to film the crimes that they were proud of. The casualties on the Ossetian side exceed 2,000 people... If it had not been for the Russian peacekeepers who rushed to help, the list of casualties among the civilians could have been much longer.
Today we mark 40 days of these bloodcurdling atrocities. We pay tribute to all the victims of aggression committed by the Saakashvili regime with support of the U.S. administration. We demand for the trial over Saakashvili, for the international tribunal for South Ossetia, for condemning him for war crimes and genocide of the peaceful people of South Ossetia. And we address the youth in other countries to support our appeal.

Let us cite the words of the young Ossetians, who were in Tskhinvali those days and suffered from the Georgian fire:
Timur Sageev, the leader of the Young Guard in North Ossetia, was in Tskhinvali during the war and assisted in bringing civilians to shelters to cover them from the Georgian artillery:
"It is very difficult for me to speak about this, but sometimes it is worth it. I would like to tell you about a short episode in the history of a small nation, which lived in peace, worked in good faith and never had the word "genocide" in its vocabulary. In the 1990s the power in Georgia was taken by a crazy, ambitious and absolutely inadequate politician - Zviad Gamsakhurdia. And the Ossetians got a sad chance to feel the grief of genocide. In 1989-1992 over 3,000 civilians were killed, over 100 villages were burned down, over 300 people were missing. At that time the Ossetians got the helping hand of the Russian soldiers.
But the peace was not lasting. Georgia is led again by another crazy and inadequate politician - Mikhail Saakashvili. And again over 2,000 innocent people suffered from the bloodshed. It took over three years last time to commit those atrocities; it took only three short days in August this year to do the same. And the Russian soldiers had to step in again to help. It is hard to describe the hardships of the Ossetians, and it is important to express our gratitude to the people of Russia. To thank those Russian soldiers, those Ivans, who came to defend Ossetians shoulder-to-shoulder with Kazbeks and Aslans and if necessary, sacrificed their own lives. I would like you to know - Ossetia cannot imagine its existence without Russia. We are grateful to Russia for being with us, for not leaving us in difficult times."
Zarina Beteeva, 12 years old, speaks about ethnic cleansing of civilians in Tskhinvali by the Georgian military
" They were firing everywhere. I was running away and I heard some Georgian soldiers exclaiming There is someone in this house!' And immediately the fire started. I then thought that they noticed us and tried to shoot at our family. I was so afraid, but I could not look back. We were running non-stop. And only when we reached our forces, I realized that the Georgians found our neighbors in that house and those, who were hiding from bombing in their cellar. No one could escape shooting Georgian soldiers..."
Maya Zaseeva, a student of the South Ossetian State University, a dweller of Tskhinvali, who had to refuge to a cellar in the city to find a shelter from Georgian shelling for three days:
"First of all, thanks God that I am alive, because many, many people now are not. When the Georgian fire started, it was a complete surprise for us. A day before we watched on TV the signature of the agreement that there would not be any use of force during the Olympics. So we went to bed peacefully and at midnight we heard the first explosion. Then they followed one after another and there was hardly a few seconds of pause between them. Even if the shell fell near a house, it ruined all the walls. We were in panic and rushed to the cellar. The only thing I managed to do was to pick up my two-year-old child and some clothes for him. We hoped that they would stop bombing soon - but this was not the case.
The Georgian forces fired at us for 11 hours without interruption. From midnight to 11 am. We were sitting in the cellar and hoping for help, we prayed, since the God was the only one who never betrayed us and left us in trouble...
We felt the real pain when we got out of the cellar and started to count those alive and the casualties, when we began to understand that we would never see our relatives and friends again. Can you understand how awful it is? It must be quite difficult to understand when you are not involved in this turmoil. But simply imagine that you bring up someone, take care of him or her and then suddenly he or she ceases to exist, e.g. one of your best friends has passed away... For what reason? Only for being an Ossetian? Only for our desire to live? Why? I merely don't get it.
In Tskhinvali now the happiest people are those who possess no house, no money, who are refugees, but who have the most precious thing - their families alive.
You will hardly find a person, whose entire family and all the relatives are health and sound and alive..."
Georgy Gusov, 25 years old, the active member of the Young Guard of United Russia in Vladikavkaz, helped to render assistance to the victims of the conflict in South Ossetia.
"On August 9 the group of our activists brought food and water to volunteers in Dzhava. We met our friend Dima there, he was wearing a bullet-proof jacket with "MC" sign on it - a light blue emblem of the Russian peacekeepers. Dmitry said that the day before in the evening when they eventually had reached the positions of the peacekeepers, practically all blue helmets there were either badly wounded or dead.
The Georgian troops were shooting precisely at people with the "MC" sign on the chest, even though those peacekeepers provided protection and aid to civilians, including Georgian settlements on the territory of South Ossetia. Dmitry and his friends took all the wounded and dead to a safe place. One of the wounded, a Russian officer, gave Dima his bullet-proof vest. He told him that Dima would need it more than him... The Russian peacekeepers, even when they were close to death, kept thinking about defending civilians in South Ossetia."

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Спасибо за ссылку.
"Фашизм - это западная демократия на высшей ступени развития." С.Г.Кара-Мурза
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